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There has never been a better time than now to market your investment property. With pro-active marketing, we reach out to the most eligible and targeted buyers, cooperate with the brokerage community and various listing services. 

Property Management for taking  "status quo"  buildings and increasing the fiscal and physical performance to maximize the asset's sale price. Higher rents = higher sales price = higher net proceeds to seller.

Beyond Commercial Real estate

Partnering, not brokering. That’s our approach at Los Angeles Property Advisors. Everything we do begins with taking the time to understand our clients, their businesses, and their unique goals, before developing a solution tailored to their real estate investment banking needs.

We focus on building sustained long-term relationships over transactions, and quality over quantity. It’s a personal touch where we apply our marketing, debt, or advisory services and market intelligence to help our clients create wealth. In this way, we deliver Wall Street expertise to Main Street to create unprecedented value.

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