Property Management for taking  "status quo"  buildings and increasing the fiscal and physical performance to maximize the asset's sale price. Higher rents = higher sales price = higher net proceeds to seller.

Beyond Commercial Real estate

Let’s face it. Artificially low interest rates, low inventory in the market, and a new wave of investors entering the commercial real estate arena is causing strong demand for multifamily and other income producing properties. This superfluous demand is driving up values and will only continue while interest rates remain low. We have a window of time to capitalize and the right time to act is now. Contact us at (818) 836-6657 for a meeting to discuss the value of your asset in today's  market.  

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Sales and Marketing

Real Estate Advisory 

There has never been a better time than now to market your investment property. With pro-active marketing, we reach out to the most eligible and targeted buyers, cooperate with the brokerage community and various listing services.